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Performing Robots


Unbecoming Robot and the Theatrics of Brokenness: On the Performativity of Technological Defects in Robot Theatres and Beyond

PhD Candidate: Ruowen Xu My concrete focus on robot theatre is motivated by investigations into human-technology relationship and its shaping power on emerging subjectivities. From humanoid actors to social robot agents, my project aims to decode the nuanced enactment of the ostensibly defected and low-efficacy techno-performances. From the erring robots on stage, to sophisticated AI…

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Acting Like a Robot: Theatre as Testbed for the Robot Revolution

Creative Industries: Smart Culture – Arts and Culture, NWO   This project demonstrates and puts into practice the potential of collaborations between theatre and robotics for the development of the interaction with, behavior of and reflection on social robots. The project builds on observations by international experts, bringing together their suggestions and expanding these into

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