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Puppets and Robots

Meet Ulrike Quade

  Meet Ulrike Quade, artistic director of Ulrike Quade Company and co-applicant of our project, Acting Like a Robot. She uses a unique mixture of visual theatre, dance, music, scenography, and literature, with the performance of puppets and objects as the main common denominator. Her approach to non-human performers builds on aspects of Asian puppetry…

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Analogy Puppets and Robots – Exchange between VU and UQC

Suze van Miltenburg In December we (prof. K. Hindriks VU en Suze van Miltenburg UQC) set up a new exchange linked to the Social Intelligence Robot Project at the VU. The initial idea was to work with students on the topic ‘coming alive’ and work from the analogy between puppets and robots. Due to a…

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Dead or Alive: Puppets in Motion

Arianne Koeleman On the 29th of July I attended a short demonstration of the artist Tim Hammer at Theater aan de Rijn in Arnhem. This demonstration was created as a means to bring together roboticists and theatre makers (especially those working with puppets) to be inspired and discussed about a common topic: making lifeless objects…

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Inspiration Session by Ulrike Quade Company at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Suze van Miltenburg   Friday 19th I was invited by Koen Hindriks to give an injection of inspiration to the master students joining a project on expressive robot behaviors at the VU (Socially Intelligent Robotics Workshop). With this report I briefly share and document some elements I shared during this exchange. This first exchange between

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