Performing Robots

Events Reports

Performing Robots organises a series of conferences, workshops and expert meetings throughout the year. In this section you will find reports on such events. For more information check our events page.

Event Report: Neo the Robot Baby

  Soyun Jang     Neo the robot baby was born on 15 October 2021 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He was transported afterwards to Buitenplaats Doornburg, Maarsen, to be displayed at Bram Ellens’ exhibition, Robots in Captivity. Neo is a copy of a robot baby developed by Agoston E. Eiben (professor of computational intelligence at…

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Event Report: Workshop on Anatomy Theatre and Bram Ellens’ Robot Specimens

  Soyun Jang   On 9 September 2021, we witnessed the making process of robot specimens. Created by a collaborating artist of Acting Like a Robot, Bram Ellens, they are on display at his exhibition Robots in Captivity at Buitenplaats Doornburgh since late September.       Workshop: Anatomy Theatre Members of Performing Robots contributed…

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Re-Wired NAO Project

Irene Alcubilla Troughton     In this project, Acting like a Robot collaborates with Ulrike Quade (director of the Ulrike Quade Company) in the exploration of the relationship between robot and puppet, as well as programmer and puppeteer. The goal of this project is two-fold: on the one hand, it tries to explore the theatrical…

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Rethinking the Movements of “The Fresh Prince”

Soyun Jang   Some members of Acting Like a Robot participated in two workshops with Bram Ellens to redesign the movement segments of one of the robots on display in his exhibition, Robots in Captivity, where he explores the relationship between robots and humans. Here, each robot displayed has its own backstory, such as what…

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Socially Intelligent Robotics Workshop

Marijke Hessels The tenth of july was a first for a lot of things. Research collaborators of the Acting Like A Robot project Ulrike Quade and Koen Hindriks met again in real life, after a period of online meetings as we have all grown accustomed to. A short and experimental new module for students of

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Ike Alone in the City

Gabriel Casanova Miralda Art in pandemic times. The worldwide quarantine to fight against Covid is an experience that has changed the course of history. Everybody, and every aspect of society will be different from now on. We artists, as everyone else, face the fact that our plans changed. We all are forced to slow down…

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Performing Robots Conference: (Human) being, striving for perfection

Gido Broers While attending and participating in the Performing Robots Conference I have been thinking a lot about the relation between humans and robots and the different kind of questions that emerge out of this relation. In most of the panels, lectures, and performances this relation – or interaction – was used as a starting…

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Performing Robots Conference: Walking Through an Uncanny Valley

Jose Hopkins B The Uncanny Valley is a concept coined by Masahiro Mori and borrowed by theatre director Stephan Kaegi[i] to make a homonymic performance. This concept is used to explain the dip in human’s affinity and affective pairing in relation to a replica’s human likeness. The valley’s dip is produced when an apparently human-like…

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Expert Meeting on Robotic Development

Nadine Grinberg & Swantje Schaeuble Imagine: A woman brings her boyfriend to work every day. They take the metro together. She takes care he doesn’t fall but somehow he also appears independent. He makes a rigid but friendly impression. In fact, he would seem over-alert if it wasn’t for that slight, endearing smile. ’He’ is…

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