Performing Robots


14 Apr 2022 - 9 Oct 2022
Almere, Floriade Expo 2022

[Floriade Expo 2022] Ulrike Quade Company robot show lends emotion to innovations at Floriade


With the Acting Like a Robot research we participated in the development of Ulrike Quade’s latest creation: a spect

acular welcome act (titled Okay, I’m Al-x) and a poetic performance (titled Rocky the Robot) for the Floriade 2022 exhibition in Almere. At the entrance of the Floriade the visitor encounters a four-and-a-half meter high doll brought to life by two large robotic arms. The doll carries a small robot that is also the main character in the performance on the main stage. In this performance, the robot falls in love with a flower and learns about feelings and emotions for the first time. From April 14 to October 9, this show will be played twice a day, at 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM. In this short film, Ulrike Quade presents her project and the ideas behind it.

More information can be found here (Dutch / English)