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Performing Robots

Performing Robots investigates the intersection of theatre/dance/performance (theory and practice) and robotics. The development of social robots presents challenges to their developers that are not only technical but also involve what might be called the dramaturgy and design of the robot as social agent: how do social robots address their human co-performers and afford interaction with them, what scripts do they follow, how to design and choreograph their appearance and movements? How can the knowledge and expertise from theatre/dance/performance be used to analyze and optimize interaction between humans and robots?
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This research group organises a series of events, conferences and workshops throughout the year. One of such events was the Performing Robots Conference: Dialogues Between Theatre and Robotics, where during the course of three days more than 25 presentations and demonstrations took stoke of this interdisciplinary collaboration.

Pottery Bot by SETUP. Credits to Anna van Kooij.

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