Performing Robots


Maaike Bleeker


(Professor in Theatre Studies, UU) Project leader Acting Like a Robot.




Koen Hindriks


(Professor of Artificial Intelligence, VU), co-applicant Acting Like a Robot. 




Nirav Christophe


(Professor Performative Processes, HKU), co-applicant Acting Like a Robot




Ulrike Quade


(Artistic leader Ulrike Quade Company), co-applicant Acting Like a Robot.



Bram Ellens


(Artist), collaborator Acting Like a Robot. 



Irene Alcubilla Troughton



(Researcher, UU), PhD candidate Acting Like a Robot. 



Ruowen Xu


(Researcher, UU), PhD candidate Unbecoming Robot and the Theatrics of Brokenness: On the Performativity of Technological Defects in Robot Theatres and Beyond.