Performing Robots

Internship Reports

In this page you will find examples of the research that some of our interns have developed within Performing Robots. Our network is always interested in enhancing collaborations and exchanging ideas, and welcomes any engaged RMA student that is interested in the intersection between performance/dance/theatre and robotics.

If you would like to collaborate with us, check the requirements here.

Perfoming Robots Archive

Dennis Vermeulen In 2017, in a personal research project, I gathered  all kinds of information about robotics in The Netherlands and Europe. This information, about specific places that and people who were involved in robotics, about where connections with theatre could be made, and about literature on theatre and robotics in general, was useful both…

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Robotics, Reenactment and Collective Memory

Nadine Westveer De Mul I had a very rewarding, enjoyable and inspiring time interning for TiM’s Performing Robots project managed by Professor Maaike Bleeker. As a Research Assistant, I was assigned the primary task of organizing and collecting additional research for the project’s ongoing research archive. Where I divided research and included my own findings…

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