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Transmission in Motion – Meet the Makers: Bram Ellens

   Meet the Makers: Bram Ellens Date: 29 November 2021 Time: 15:00 – 16:30 Location: Microsoft Teams Event page    In the upcoming “Meet the Makers”, an event hosted by Transmission in Motion, our collaborating artist Bram Ellens will discuss the making of and ideas behind his exhibition “Robots in Captivity”. Members of Performing Robots,…

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Re-Wired NAO Project

Irene Alcubilla Troughton     In this project, Acting like a Robot collaborates with Ulrike Quade (director of the Ulrike Quade Company) in the exploration of the relationship between robot and puppet, as well as programmer and puppeteer. The goal of this project is two-fold: on the one hand, it tries to explore the theatrical…

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Rethinking the Movements of “The Fresh Prince”

Soyun Jang   Some members of Acting Like a Robot participated in two workshops with Bram Ellens to redesign the movement segments of one of the robots on display in his exhibition, Robots in Captivity, where he explores the relationship between robots and humans. Here, each robot displayed has its own backstory, such as what…

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Analogy Puppets and Robots – Exchange between VU and UQC

Suze van Miltenburg In December we (prof. K. Hindriks VU en Suze van Miltenburg UQC) set up a new exchange linked to the Social Intelligence Robot Project at the VU. The initial idea was to work with students on the topic ‘coming alive’ and work from the analogy between puppets and robots. Due to a…

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Dead or Alive: Puppets in Motion

Arianne Koeleman On the 29th of July I attended a short demonstration of the artist Tim Hammer at Theater aan de Rijn in Arnhem. This demonstration was created as a means to bring together roboticists and theatre makers (especially those working with puppets) to be inspired and discussed about a common topic: making lifeless objects…

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Socially Intelligent Robotics Workshop

Marijke Hessels The tenth of july was a first for a lot of things. Research collaborators of the Acting Like A Robot project Ulrike Quade and Koen Hindriks met again in real life, after a period of online meetings as we have all grown accustomed to. A short and experimental new module for students of

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Inspiration Session by Ulrike Quade Company at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Suze van Miltenburg   Friday 19th I was invited by Koen Hindriks to give an injection of inspiration to the master students joining a project on expressive robot behaviors at the VU (Socially Intelligent Robotics Workshop). With this report I briefly share and document some elements I shared during this exchange. This first exchange between

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Socially Intelligent Robotics Workshop and Performance

A first collaboration between Ulrike Quade Company and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam took place in June in the frame of a master’s programme workshop aimed at creating Socially Intelligent Robots. A final performance showing the results of such workshop was developed. Here you will see the documentation of that event.   The pictures were taken by

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Check our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Performing Robots is launching a Facebook and Instagram account today Be sure to follow us in our social media so that you can get informed of events, workshops and reports about our current projects! You will also be able to get a peak into the robots we are working with.

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