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The Performing Robots Archive is an ongoing research file concerning themes related to performance and social robotics. It contains references to robotics projects, literature, academics, talks, presentations, performances, performance artists and international institutions. In this page, you will find several posts reflecting on the content of the archive

The Vulnerability of The Mad King

  Floor Mijland     From a distance you hear a rattling sound, as if chains are dragged along a concrete floor. The sound bounces off the walls of what seems to be a large, empty hall. It creates loud echoes, which are accompanied by the sound of what could, possibly, be a mechanic drill….

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Touchy Robots: Developments in Social Robotics and Robotic Art

Irene Alcubilla Troughton The fact that senses are organised under a hierarchy through which some of them are given more importance is not something new. Throughout history, vision, for example, has held a privilege position, followed by sound, and leaving the rest of senses far behind. In the last years, the humanities have explored what…

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Unproductive and Misbehaving Machines: Exploration of Atypical Robots Through Art

Irene Alcubilla Troughton As Stelarc (2014) rightfully puts in a talk called “Error, function and behaviour”, the term “misbehaving”, as opposed to “malfunctioning”, requires certain intentionality and agency. “Misbehaving”, he proposes, can only happen in the presence of someone, whereas “malfunctioning” could take place in the absence of a person, as it relates to an

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