Performing Robots

Re-wired NAO

Within the framework of the project Acting like a Robot, Ulrike Quade Company investigates relationships between puppets and robots, as well as between puppeteers and roboticists, through a creative deconstruction of a NAO robot. During the project, the robot was rewired, allowing it to be manipulated directly instead of being programmed. This resulted in new possibilities for manipulating and animating this puppet-robot. The physical presence of the manipulators, the touch and movement that emerges in the contact between human and puppet-robot, as well as issues surrounding de-centralised movement generation are of relevance to this case study. The researchers of the project Acting like a Robot have contributed to this project by means of co-organising several sessions, as well as introducing theoretical perspectives on animation, puppetry and HRI.


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What is the theatrical potenial and expressivity of a NAO robot on stage? How can this robot become animated in a theatrical context? What can puppetry, both as a technique and as a way of animating objects, bring to robotics? Click here to read the full blog post. And here you can see a collection of photos from this project.